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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fun time with DLee's World

This morning I had the chance to bring my little one to "DLee's World" official reading. I enjoy how the author was very interactive with the kids before and during her reading. Diana Lee Santamaria has been teaching Pre-School for six years now and has just published her new line of books called "DLee's World". The book is fulled with vibrant colors and has catchy phrases that'll make any child  huge fan. I can not wait to purchase the rest of the collection. If you missed today's book reading and signing no worries you can join her on September 25, 2014 at the Johnson Library in Hackensack at 6:30pm or visit for other event dates. 

I also had the pleasure of baking the yummy mini cupcakes you see in the picture above. I wanted to keep the colors as vibrant and pretty as DLee. I chose to top it with bright yellow frosting (just like DLee's shirt) and a red heart all made out of butter cream icing. The cake batter itself I kept it fun with adding confetti mix. Next event is sure to be fun filled. Make sure to mark your calendar ;)

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